Travel Hammock Review…

Relaxing with a book in my travel hammock
When Cool Hammocks asked me to review their *travel hammock I racked my brains for a good spot to do this. Then I realised that as I live in the New Forest the answer was literally on my doorstep. So with a book and my hammock packed in my rucksack I went in search of a good spot to relax in. I chose Wilverley Inclosure as it’s always a nice place for a walk and a peaceful place for chilling in a hammock….


About the hammock:
The travel hammock comes in a variety of colours, blue, camouflage, lime and pink. I chose the blue. It rolls up to a really small size, great if you are packing light for a camping trip and to save on space when travelling. If it gets dirty it can be hand washed and is super lightweight.


How it works:
Having not put up a hammock before I was a little concerned as to how I would get on with it. But once I found some trees to attach it to it was really simple. Unroll it and then fasten it with the integrated ropes and hooks. The ropes are fully adjustable so wind them around a tree a few times and then fix with the hooks. That is literally it, fast and simple to use.


What I thought:
Having not owned my own hammock before I was really impressed. It was easy to put up and comfortable for relaxing in. I love how small it folds down and will definitely take it on my next camping trip.  It’s the perfect accessory for adventurers, even if you don’t plan to go any further than your back garden! To purchase your own travel hammock head to Cool Hammocks.


How to find my perfect hammock spot:
If you are planning a weekend in the New Forest and want to re-create your own chilled hammock vibes then stop at Wilverley Inclosure to find your spot. It’s a ten-minute drive from Brockenhurst and Burley. The Inclosure itself has a nice 2-mile round walk through ancient woodland. When you want to stop, find some trees and hang the hammock at a distance of roughly two thirds the length of the hammock. A hanging height of 6-8ft should do nicely. Finally, pick up your book and don’t forget the beer! Hammocks are permitted for use in the forest as long as they don’t damage the trees or endanger livestock.
To spend more time and explore this beautiful area why not stay over night at a campsite. There are ten in total in the New Forest, the nearest one to Wilverley is Setthorns. In the heart of the forest it’s in a gorgeous, secluded location just right for pitching up a tent and daydreaming in a hammock. Head to Camping in the Forest for more information.


*I was gifted my travel hammock in exchange for this review. As ever all opinions are my own.*




Westbeach Clothing Review…

An image of myself sat in the sand dunes at Camber Sands wearing a grey hoodie from West Beach
When the lovely people at Westbeach got in contact about a collaboration I jumped at the chance to review their clothes. I chose to do it the only way I know how, on a trip to the beach. Westbeach are a Canadian clothing brand specialising in snowboarding and outdoor/active gear. I love outdoor adventures and cosy clothes for when I’m indoors so as soon as I took a look at the Westbeach website I knew I’d love their stuff.
If you are planning a winter adventure, looking for activewear or just a cosy hoodie then check them out. They often have some great offers on too. Here’s a the lowdown on my favourite items….


Downhill Jacket
I chose this jacket in Amethyst, it is light weight and has a water-repellent added to the outer fabric. It is a great option for me to pack on trips abroad as it folds up neatly. I love the colour and the fit too. Although not perfect for colder winter weather as it’s made of a thin material, it’s fine for layering up and great for keeping the wind off.
An image of me walking along the old railway line on Dungeness beach wearing West Beach Downhill jacket.
Walking along the old railway line on Dungeness beach wearing Westbeach Downhill jacket.


Nightshift cap
I love a cap, great for the beach, for keeping the sun out of my eyes on a paddle boarding adventure or to hide under on a bad hair day. This trucker style cap looks funky and has mesh back panels to help keep cool on sunny days.
An image of a cap from Westbeach
Westbeach cap


Montreal Backpack
I never used to be into backpacks, but since having Emily it has been so much easier to have my arms free to scoop up a toddler when needed. The Montreal backpack is 20 litres in capacity, has an internal laptop sleeve and a zipped front pocket. It’s a really good size with ample room to put everything in for a day at the beach. I really like the Westbeach logo on the front too, it gives it a cool look.
An image of myself walking past an old boat on the beach at Dungeness
Boat at Dungeness


Brampton Hoodie
This is by far my favourite item of clothing. It is a men’s hoodie in small so it’s oversized on me. Perfect for keeping warm post surf or for getting cosy with a cuppa at home. I love the bold design and I’m really into grey so the charcoal marl colour was the only choice for me.


I trialled my Westbeach gear at Dungeness in Kent, this place isn’t the typical british seaside spot. It has a unique character from the quirky homes on the beach to the eerie lighthouse and old dilapidated boats amongst the shingle. It’s a beautiful spot at sunset too. I also spent sometime exploring the sand dunes at Camber Sands in East Sussex. It was my first visit to this part of the UK and I was blown away by the beauty of the area. If you’ve not been before, book a trip immediately! There is so much to see and do and if you need some winter clothes Westbeach is your answer.




I was gifted the clothes from Westbeach in exchange for a review.

Filthy Fox Camping Product Review…

Ad: I was gifted the products by Filthy Fox in exchange for this review.
I love camping, so when the lovely people at Filthy Fox, a very cool company specialising in festival gear and camping equipment asked me to review some of their products I jumped at the chance.  With a trip down to Cornwall on the cards I thought it would be the perfect place for test driving some camping essentials.
Here’s what I thought…
Neon headlight
A head torch is a very useful bit of kit when camping, if there is no source of light then this is my number one go to. It has a trusty little clip so can be attached to almost anything.  There is also a strap to wear around your head, useful when you don’t want to hold it.  The headlight has three different settings: bright, slightly dimmer and an intermittent flashing ‘SOS’ option.  (Or if you are at a festival perhaps a disco light!)  It comes in yellow or pink and is very practical.
Dry shampoo
This is my trusty go to when on the road and even when not camping for that matter.  It is perfect for giving your hair an extra days cleanliness before you need to wash it, something that is not always easy when camping.  It is great if like me you have a fringe, spray it on, give your hair a rub and then brush it out and hey presto your hair looks instantly fresher.  It gets a big thumbs up from me.
Anti bacterial wipes
These are brilliant for feeling fresh and are useful in lots of different situations.  One is to avoid washing up!  Of course it should only be used as a temporary measure but a quick wipe over of plates and mugs is much easier than washing up in the rain in a muddy campsite!
Enamel camping mugs
I love the classic look of these mugs, I always drink copious amounts of hot drinks when I’m camping, as you can see from the photo an afternoon coffee to warm up and a scrummy Viennese Whirl worked very well in the campervan.
Camping chair
I absolutely adore these chairs, functional, pretty and very comfy!  Complete with a handy cup holder, they fold down and fit neatly into their own carry bag.  Light weight and very reasonably priced the ‘raindrop’ camping chair is a must when camping or at a festival.
Rechargeable festival radio
These days it’s all about playing music on your phone but there is nothing quite like a good old radio especially if you want to save battery life on your phone.  What’s more the radio is solar powered, so as long as it’s light you will have music.  But fear not, if the sun isn’t shining then there is also a wind up handle.  One minute of winding equals twenty minutes of radio time.  It is easy to pack and store due to its small size and the speaker has a great sound output.  I love this tiny radio!

017_Filthy Fox

Emergency charger
Preserving phone life is very important and plug sockets don’t tend to be easily available if you are in the middle of a field, so this emergency charger is an absolute genius.  Small and compact it is easy to carry and will bring your phone back to life when you need it.  Don’t forget to charge it before you go away though.  It comes with a USB lead so it can charge not just phones, but all sorts of other gadgets too.

From tents, to wellies, to waterless shampoo Filthy Fox have got all sorts of goodies.  With spring time just around the corner make sure you check them out for your next festival or camping trip.

The Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing…

This hilarious guide is a quick way to become a surfer without ever actually surfing!  It will arm you with all the knowledge you will need to impress your friends such as the best time of year to surf the Banzai pipeline, Hawaii and equip you with surfy lingo to make you sound cool!  Hang with the pros simply by dropping things casually into conversation, like the frontside air reverse and surfing the Severn bore.  Even if you just drive around all the beach car parks ‘checking’ the surf, pretending to know what you are doing but never actually get out of your car, the Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing is your perfect read!
I learnt a lot of interesting facts from this book such as other uses for surfboard fins which includes ‘’plates for sandwiches’’ and “as rudimentary knives for buttering bread on camping trips.”  Who’d have thought a surfboard could be so useful!  The guide offers pearls of wisdom such as: “An easy way of warming up the water inside your wetsuit is by urinating in it immediately.  Every surfer, girl or boy, does this, but it is rarely spoken about.”  I love this because it is hilariously true, but shhhh surfers don’t actually talk about it!
Even after surfing for a few years I don’t profess to know all the lingo & often feel obliged to use words such as gnarly & ripping it up to fit in with my fellow surf buddies.  So I am feeling ‘stoked’ after reading this book as I can now bluff my way through most surf chats!
If you want to know your rocker from your rails, your grommet from your kook and your snake from your sock this book is definitely what you need to bluff your way through the surfing world!
Head to the Bluffer’s website to purchase a copy and to check out the other Bluffer’s guides.

This review was written in exchange for a copy of The Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing.