Views from 37,000 ft

I’ve worked in the skies as cabin crew for British Airways for nearly ten years now, I love nothing more than peering out of the windows and taking photos of the ever-changing world below me.  This is something I never get bored of, it can be quite addictive!  I love checking the moving map on long haul flights to see where we are flying over or if I spot an interesting landscape on a short-haul flight I’ll give the flight crew a call to find out where we’re flying over, this is all in between working of course!  Yes I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to peering out of the window at 37,000ft and I can recognise the south coast pretty well now, keeping a look out for my hometown and giving it a wave has become a bit of a ritual!  Seeing other aircraft in the sky and spotting the London skyline from a distance is fun too.  The northern lights was particularly exciting to see en route to London from Calgary, unfortunately the images were very faint so I decided not to share them but to watch them dancing against the blackness of the sky was incredible. Seeing Kilimanjaro from the air left me awestruck and put into perspective how huge it really is.  The islands and atolls of the Maldives are stunning to fly over, I could watch the powder white sands and sparkling turquoise waters of paradise all day from an aircraft window.  I love a snowy, mountainous landscape so staring at the edge of Greenland and icebergs dotted in the water before endless ocean on the way to America was incredible. There is so much untouched beauty out there!  Catching a glimpse of The Pitons coming into St Lucia was also an exciting moment, I felt like I could reach out and touch them.  Cityscapes are pretty magical too, flying over New York at sunset and being able to make out Manhattan and Central Park so clearly is definitely another highlight.  The other thing I love about working in the sky is that it doesn’t matter how grey and rainy it is in the UK as soon as the aircraft climbs above the clouds it’s always bright and sunny.
Over the years I have collected a ton images from the sky which I’ve not yet shared, from New York to Kilimanjaro, Antigua to the Alps and Greenland to Portugal and not forgetting the good old homeland, the south coast of the UK.  These are a few of my favourite views of the beautiful world below me which I’ve captured from 37,000 ft and inspired me to write this blog….