Things to do in Cancun….

Cancun beach sign, Mexico

Things to do in Cancun:

Nightclubs and food

Cancun as a holiday destination has the best of both worlds, partying and ultimate relaxation.  I recently spent three nights there and only sampled a small slice of what it has to offer.  Lets start with the nightlife, even if you are not into partying the night away you have to experience it just once while you are there!  Coco Bongo is a nightclub with a difference and famous for its exciting shows, Superman, the Matrix characters and Austin Powers all make an appearance throughout the night; suspended from the ceiling or flying high above the audience.  There are a range of different tickets most drinks are included all night are included with most of them.  A little pricey but well worth it as it’s a great night out.  Señor Frogs, a favourite bar of mine serves tasty food and cocktails in exciting glasses which you can take with you.  Ok, it’s a slightly tacky holiday souvenir that you will probably pack in your case and then wonder why you bought it home, but definitely fun all the same!  Their branding is funky and if you are with a group of friends, the bar staff come around to your table and play party tricks with you!!  Maybe not so fun if you are with your better half but it is still an entertaining place to go for a drink.  Being in Mexico, of course you should eat Mexican food, but for something a little bit different I really recommend the Japanese restaurant Mikado at the CasaMagna Marriott hotel.  It’s a great place to go with a group of friends, book one of the tables where the Teppanyaki chef cooks your food right in front of you.  Flames, hearts made from rice and an onion train are just a few of the entertaining tricks that appear whilst your meal is prepared!

Relaxing in Cancun

If you just want to relax then aside from the nightlife you are without a doubt in the right place.  The beach along the hotel strip is lovely, although the rip currents can be quite dangerous so I wouldn’t recommend swimming there.  Also as the title ‘hotel strip’ suggests you are surrounded by hotels.  Isla Mujeres is the perfect escape,  I love this place!  The beaches are a lot quieter, the water is calmer and getting there couldn’t be easier.  From the hotel strip you can jump on a bus, let the driver know that you want to stop a Playa Tortugas and from there you can catch a boat. The company is called Ultramar and ferries run all day with the last one leaving Isla Mujeres at 1730.  Once there if you fancy exploring you can hire a golf buggy for the day, it’s a great way to explore the island and a fun mode of transport.  Check out the turtle sanctuary and the Mayan Temple at the southern end of the island.  The main town is also nice to explore, with small side streets and brightly coloured buildings.  If all the exploring gets too much then head to one of the beaches, the one at the northern end is my favourite.  It has calm crystal clear waters and a great bar called Charlie’s, I had an amazing Red Snapper salad here for £3.50 and a beer for 50p at the time of writing!  Next door is Chi Chi’s, a cool little bar with swings attached to it, sit on them while you sip your beer!

Another great trip to do in Cancun is to swim with Whale Sharks, June to September is the time to do this.  It’s not cheap but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, something I may think about next time I go.  With so much to do around Cancun and everything being so easily accessible everyone should visit!  On that note I am already planning my next visit out there….A trip to Tulum is definitely on the cards.  This beautiful place is two hours on a bus from Cancun, you can stay in huts right on the beach and there are Mayan ruins to explore, again right on the beach front.  Watch this space….