The Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing…

This hilarious guide is a quick way to become a surfer without ever actually surfing!  It will arm you with all the knowledge you will need to impress your friends such as the best time of year to surf the Banzai pipeline, Hawaii and equip you with surfy lingo to make you sound cool!  Hang with the pros simply by dropping things casually into conversation, like the frontside air reverse and surfing the Severn bore.  Even if you just drive around all the beach car parks ‘checking’ the surf, pretending to know what you are doing but never actually get out of your car, the Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing is your perfect read!
I learnt a lot of interesting facts from this book such as other uses for surfboard fins which includes ‘’plates for sandwiches’’ and “as rudimentary knives for buttering bread on camping trips.”  Who’d have thought a surfboard could be so useful!  The guide offers pearls of wisdom such as: “An easy way of warming up the water inside your wetsuit is by urinating in it immediately.  Every surfer, girl or boy, does this, but it is rarely spoken about.”  I love this because it is hilariously true, but shhhh surfers don’t actually talk about it!
Even after surfing for a few years I don’t profess to know all the lingo & often feel obliged to use words such as gnarly & ripping it up to fit in with my fellow surf buddies.  So I am feeling ‘stoked’ after reading this book as I can now bluff my way through most surf chats!
If you want to know your rocker from your rails, your grommet from your kook and your snake from your sock this book is definitely what you need to bluff your way through the surfing world!
Head to the Bluffer’s website to purchase a copy and to check out the other Bluffer’s guides.

This review was written in exchange for a copy of The Bluffer’s Guide to Surfing.

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