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I love rum! Whenever I visit a different country, this is usually the souvenir I will bring home. I love the fact that they hold memories from the places I have picked them up from too….
1. Don Q – Puerto Rico: Working as cabin crew I don’t always get to leave the airport in the countries I visit and this was the case here!  I bought Don Q at the airport in Puerto Rico on a shuttle from Antigua; it was a very fleeting visit! I thought it was a great chance to sample something local even though I did not get to explore the country itself!  Maybe one day….
2. Gosling’s Black Seal – Bermuda: This Bermudan rum is darker than my other rums and quite different in taste. I am lucky that I get to visit Bermuda quite often so buy a bottle whenever I am there.  I normally drink rum with coke, but this rum is an exception, as it tastes amazing with ginger beer.  Barritt’s ginger beer also from Bermuda is the perfect combination to make a delicious ‘Dark N’ Stormy’.  I’ve had some great nights out in Bermuda with this cocktail in hand!
3. Appleton Estate Reserve – Montego Bay, Jamaica: This rum came from Montego Bay, I took my husband with me on a work trip there between Christmas and New Year in 2010, our first niece was born the night we got there so we had a toast to the newest member of our family with this rum!
4. Cavalier – Antigua: The first time I visited Antigua I drank this rum with coke on the beach at Dickenson Bay watching the sunset.
5. Old Monk – India: I bought this Indian rum in Goa from a tiny liquor store, which was literally a counter to place your order. Handed over in a brown paper bag I think it cost just over £1!  I really enjoyed it at the time but drank it most evenings during my trip, so I was done with it by the end!  That didn’t stop me from bringing a bottle back as souvenir though.  I now count it as a very special bottle, a reminder of an amazing trip.  I also feel like I should savor it as I’m not sure when I will next visit India to pick up a new bottle.  I will certainly go back one day though!
6. Appleton Special – Kingston, Jamaica: This Jamaican rum came from Kingston, another work trip I had less than 24 hours there and I had a really bad cold so unfortunately did not get to explore the city.  When I get to go back I would love to visit Bob Marley’s house.  This tipple helped my cold when I got home!
7. Mount Gay – Barbados: I love to surf in Barbados and Mount Gay reminds me of relaxing evenings on the beach, rum and coke in hand, feeling stoked after a great surf.
8. English Harbour – Antigua: Another bottle from Antigua but this one is pretty special as it is 5 years aged, yum!
9. El Dorado – Guyana: This is my newest bottle and although I have not been to Guyana I picked it up while in Antigua, as I hadn’t bought any rum in a while & wanted to try a new brand.  As they say variety is the spice of life and this one is a winner!
What is your favourite tipple?
I would love to hear your recommendations of other rums I should try…

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