High Altitude Baking In Denver…

I recently visited family in Denver, known as the ‘mile high city’ it can be found around 5280ft above sea level.  I was really interested to discover that not only does altitude have an effect on our bodies, but also cooking and baking and having always lived at sea level this is not something I had ever really thought about.
So I did a little research, which included sampling some of my sister in law’s delicious high altitude Brownies!
I learnt that you have to change the ingredients slightly to account for the fact that the air pressure is lower than at sea level, this also means that water boils at a lower temperature and food takes longer to bake…very interesting stuff!
The Betty Crocker website has lots information on high altitude baking and adjusting cooking times and allrecipes.com has a great brownie recipe, check out the links for more information.
Happy Baking!

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