A lovely weekend with friends….

The single track roads down to Coombe Farm in Tiverton are I think the smallest I have ever experienced, especially in our camper van, and it’s not that big!  You get the feeling you are in the middle of nowhere, which is great but I did begin to doubt that our sat nav was taking us in the right direction.  As we got nearer we passed a man sat on a bench, (who was definitely sat in the middle of no where!!)  he waved us around the next corner…and we had arrived.  Coombe Farm pride themselves on being Eco friendly and surrounded by 200 acres of lush woodland,  I can understand why they want to protect their environment and use sustainable resources.  We had all this to ourselves and it was brilliant to think we could walk for miles without stumbling across another soul and indeed this is what we did!  The 16th century farmhouse sleeps up to 16 people, with cosy lounges and hundreds of books adorning the shelves you can choose to spend your time relaxing indoors or you can chill out in the beautiful walled courtyard complete with open fire place.  We spent our evenings there dining alfresco and sampling the organic meat from the next farm along the road, washed down with homemade cider from the restored cider press on site.  At £4 for two litres we couldn’t say no!  Past the walled courtyard sits a swimming pool and hot tub along with outdoor Eco showers.  We camped in a field a short stroll from the farmhouse complete with Eco toilets, which took me a little while to get used to!  But there was a definite novelty to cleaning my teeth before bed under the stars at the outdoor sink.  The outdoor showers were great, with plenty of hot water heated by solar power and again it was such a novelty to shower with the sun shining down on you first thing in the morning!
Between the camping field, pool, walled courtyard and the many rooms of the house, not to mention the acres of woodland it was easy to loose the 16 friends we were with!  But wherever I was I could always here happy conversations and laughter in the distance.
Our lovely weekend consisted of lazy breakfasts in the van, strolls in the woods, lunchtime picnics in the field and afternoons spent by the pool.  Its hard to believe right now with our typically British summer that we were in a pool in the UK and the fact that the sun shone the whole time we were there was a bonus!  On our last evening we had a wonderful campfire under the stars toasting marshmallows and telling spooky stories.
Thank you so much to Liv and Jamie for inviting us to spend time with your lovely family and friends, it was so good to see you both and such a wonderful weekend!

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